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You can create flows and track new events with a few clicks. Open the Builder on top of your product, create something beautiful, and wow your users!

unlocked by installing our SDK, a snippet of JavaScript much like the tags you’d add to a website. You can add it directly to your product’s codebase or simply integrate Dallsysystems  with Segment. Once installed, we’ll start tracking events, and you’ll be ready to publish a flow! 

You’ll use the Datamax Builder (our Google Chrome Extension) to create flows and track new events. Anyone on your team can design and edit flows right on top of your product and set up tracking for key user behaviors. No code, just clicks. Ready to start making things?

Seamless Tracking
SDK intergtaion

Social intranet software that drives employee engagement and productivity.

Join the platform with the most ways to monetize what you know. Whether it’s online courses, coaching, memberships, podcasts, newsletters, communities and more — Datamax gives you all the tools you need to build, market, and sell it with just a few clicks.

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